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The beginnings - '70

The company was founded in 1968 as a result of decades of experience of its founders already matured in the fields of machining, welding and metalworks.

In 1972 began the production of machines for wood drying: vacuum heating plates dryers.

The experience gained in the treatment of wood has also enabled the development of other types of machines: machinery for the impregnation of wood and machinery for the steaming of wood.



The production respects the rules of quality, adherence to delivery times and affordability deriving from an excellent level of works planning.

We are always sensitive to the special needs of our customers: we can find constructive solutions even for requests that go beyond the standards of normal production.

We pay attention to both large industry and to the small artisan.


In addition to the production of plants for the treatment of wood we are dedicated to the construction of steel structural works for the industry. We invite you to visit the website dedicated to this sector:

The production buildings are spread over an area of ​​nearly 9000 square meters.

One of our guiding principles is the "Kaizen", i.e. a continuous improvement, step by step, every day.